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Greatest Potential

How to gain momentum, excel at critical tasks and demonstrate character through evolving your emotional intelligence.
Leshay Training

You create your reality through your emotions.
If your emotional center isn’t steady, then your
personal and professional life won’t be either.

Studies show that Emotional Quotient (EQ) is more closely related to success than Intelligence Quotient (IQ). It’s essential for you to positively transform your emotional connection with yourself.

Emotions are temporary, but every decision you make has an effect. As a decision-maker, you should never take permanent action based on a temporary emotion. 
After 10+ years working side by side as a pension actuary for Fortune 100 executives at several companies, I learned first-hand what ingredients high-level executives need to reach their full power and potential inside the office and at home.
Pam Savino

I establish symmetry in your approaches to emotional stability and where you devote your energy with one-on-one coaching fit for you.

I understand the insatiable drive all high-level executives and entrepreneurs have to succeed. However, I also know that reaching new potentials and overcoming limits as if they are boundless can come with feelings of overwhelming burnout.
Pam Savino

Let’s work together to realign yourself personally and professionally.

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